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Full Service Groom Shop

We groom dogs and cats by appointment only.

Our groomers are available Tuesday-Saturday from 7:30am-5pm.

For the safety of our staff and your pets, all grooming appointments require proof of Rabies and Bordetella vaccinations from a licensed veterinarian.

Please bring current proof of vaccinations to every check in.

Grooming Prices

Full Groom-includes bath, haircut, pedicure, ear cleaning and anal gland expression for small dogs.

  • Small breeds (ie. maltese, bichon, yorkie, toy poodle)                           $40
  • Medium breeds (ie. cocker spaniel, border collie)                                  $45
  • Medium/Large breeds (ie. golden retriever, springer, cocker)                 $50
  • Large breeds (ie. standard poodle, doodle)                                            $75
  • Extra-large breeds (ie. bernese, st. bernard, newfie)                              $85

Bath only-includes bath, brush out, pedicure, ear cleaning and anal gland expression for small dogs.

  • Small dog, short hair (ie. chihuahua, terrier, min pin, doxen)                   $25
  • Small dog, long hair (ie. yorkie, maltese)                                                  $28
  • Medium dog, short hair (ie cattle dog, bulldog, basset)                            $32
  • Medium dog, long hair (ie. border collie, cocker)                                      $38
  • Large dog, short hair (ie. lab, rottweiler)                                                   $40
  • Large dog, long hair (ie. golden, shepard, husky)                                    $45
  • Extra-large dog, short hair (ie. mastiff, great dane)                                  $50
  • Extra-large dog, long hair (ie. bernese, newfie, malamute)                      $70

*All prices listed above are base prices and may vary slightly due to each pet's individual needs. 

Self Bathing

Our self bathing is open 7 days a week. No appointment necessary.

We have everything you need to bathe your pet and will be there for assistance if needed. 

Only $15.00

Walk-In Grooming Services

Walk-ins are welcome Tuesday-Saturday from 9am-5pm.

  • Pedicure (dogs under 30 lbs)                          $5
  • Pedicure (dogs over 30 lbs)                            $10
  • Nail grinding (dogs under 30 lbs)                    $10
  • Nail grinding (dogs over 30 lbs)                      $15
  • Dental                                                              $5
  • Ear flush or pluck                                             $5
  • Anal gland expression (dogs under 30 lbs)     $10
  • Anal gland expression (dogs over 30 lbs)       $15
  • Hygiene trim or eye scoop                               $5